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Yoga Class
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Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga for Beginners

Monthly 4 week course

A gentle introduction to yoga

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a floor-based practice designed to increase flexibility by gently stretching the deep fascia in the body that surrounds our bones, muscles and organs. Fascia literally holds us together! In this practice, passive poses are held for 2-5 minutes, allowing the fascia to gently lengthen and release restriction. This practice is suitable and adaptable for all ages.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga follows a non-flow format. These classes are ideal for beginners, seniors or anyone recuperating from a minor injury. Our focus is joint mobility, so people looking to improve or maintain their independence will find a home here. Poses will be practiced on the floor and standing, with the optional assistance of a chair for balance. 

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is perfect for those who prefer not to practice on the floor. We will focus on increasing joint mobility with an eye toward increasing and maintaining flexibility, joint stability and independence. Standing postures with the assistance of the chair will be offered, but not required. 

Vinyasa ~ No classes currently scheduled

Vinyasa flow yoga practices a continual series of postures linking breath to movement. The practice can be gentle or strenuous, depending on the desired theme. Practitioners are encouraged to “follow their own breath” thereby setting the pace that is exactly right for them. Depending on the pace, Vinyasa flow can be a very meditative practice.